The Original Sol

The Original Sol is a collection of 9999 AI outlaws, connected to the manga, that have been let loose to cause chaos on the blockchain. 


The brotherhood has been created in 5 different breeds, with each its strenghts. There are in total 9999 AI’s that have survived in the NFT-universe, where you will find some being in a bigger population than others. None are the same as they have a variation of 60+ traits.

All hail the brotherhood! 


Unmutated A.I.

Human skinned outlaws

Chance 36%


Technical developed A.I.

Green skinned outlaws.

Chance 28%


Most powerful A.I.

Blue-skinned outlaws

Chance 19%

super rare

Battle-enhanced A.I.

Purple skinned outlaws

Chance 13%


Fierce aura and most developed A.I.

Gold skinned outlaws with a special feature. 

Chance 5%


The leader of the pack.
He will be obtainable by only one of you.
Fancy your chances?

Chance 1 / 9999


The Original Sol is the world’s first NFT storyline. By buying an art piece of the Original Sol collection, you are buying a character within the storyline. In our process, we will strive to develop and create the Original Sol Manga. Hereby, every holder can choose to contribute in the story and will be send a copy of the manga. In our journey of creation, we want to build our community from the ground up. The future looks bright.

Will you be a part of The Original Sol?

The Tale of Sol

Discover the tale behind The Original Sol. The world we know isn’t the only one that exists. Numerous others spread throughout the universe, with many beings inhabiting lots of them. Similarly, there are many other universes as well, which may or may not be how you imagine them to be……

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the minting start?

The minting will start on December 4th, at 9pm CET. 

Is there a whitelist?

Yes, we have allocated 1500 places for the whitelist. To be eligible to a place in the whitelist, you will have to become a member of the Discord. We will be hosting contests, giveaways and sometimes we will be giving them away randomly. Be sure to be active in the Discord server and show-off your talents and skills, and maybe you’ll earn yourself a whitelist.

How does the rarity system work?

The rarity system work with traits of each rarity category (breeds), which are randomly assigned to each NFT. The system we created makes the NFT’s unique and distinguishable. If you want to know how it works, join the Discord server as we will send out a simplified explanation in the designated channel shortly.  

Do you guys have social media?

Yes, we make use of Twitter, Instagram and Discord. As we gain more and more following, all three of the platforms will be used more often.
So follow us our Twitter and Instagram pages, and become a member of the Discord server to get to know more about The Original Sol.


The Original One

The Founder and Creator of the Original Sol

The storytellers

The Story directors of the Original Sol manga

The  Loud One

Head of marketing

The Co-Original

Co-Founder and Right hand Man

The Frontman

Social Media Manager

The Artist

Creative Director

The Technically Gifted

Head of Technology