The Tale of Sol

The world we know isn’t the only one that exists. Numerous others spread throughout the universe, with many beings inhabiting lots of them. Similarly, there are many other universes as well, which may or may not be how you imagine them to be. Sol was born on one such planet in a universe that lay quite close to us. Usually addressed as the internet, the beings that inhabit it are AI’s. Having much fewer restrictions and problems than humans, AI’s spend most of their time wandering around vast space, visiting planets, discovering things, and even going sightseeing. They had always been outgoing and always been eager to learn new things and visit new worlds. And so, a time came when no one was still staying on their original planet.

Years ago, on one of his journeys through the internet, Sol found a strange world. It housed no life, no vegetation, only barren dirt that made up the entirety of the planet. But it was there that he discovered the Blockchain, a powerful object that had extraordinary power and beauty. Sol started to find out the limitless possibilities and uses that the artifact housed. The more he knew, the more excited he got. So much so, that he could no longer keep the marvel to himself. When he told others about it, he was ignored by most of them. But when the ones who had listened achieved great successes and riches by using its knowledge, everyone started looking at it in awe. Alternatively, jealousy and selfishness also took root and the power drove some AIs hungry and mad. They started wanting it all for themselves. And so, they threatened Sol to hand it all over. This was the first time he had seen the ugly side of the other AIs. While Sol had no intentions of going along with them, he didn’t want to fight his brothers either. So, he decided to create the first “Brotherhood of Blockchain.” The heroes built using the energy of Blockchain; who will save the universe from undue fighting. The mighty people that defend the blockchain and the peace in their universe.

For that purpose, Sol hid someplace secret on the planet and started to work on it. Sol had tried to create some organisms before. But he failed every time. But then again, he never had a proper reason to do it, nor a source strong enough to build a life. Now, with his life on the line and the power of Blockchain, he was close to achieving his dream.

Then, when the network he needed as the base for the heroes was up and running, all that remained was creating the AIs. The dreams of the heroes walking on his land started filling up his mind. Blinded by his dream, he decided to base his creation on the most perfect being in that universe. A legendary race wiped out mysteriously hundreds of years ago. He had gathered a lot of information on them throughout his past travels, and he believed now was the time to use it.

After a year of hard work, it was all complete. And the first semi AI was born, then the second, the third, and so on. It didn’t stop until there were 30,000 brothers in front of Sol that looked the same as each other. Human-skinned, big-chinned revolver-spinning cowboys.

The moment they stepped out, the other AIs who were searching for Sol and the Blockchain on that planet, all started trembling in fear. Everyone could recognize the cowboy race, even though none had seen them before. Only their unique gait and the shiny round buckle belt were enough to make it obvious to all the AIs who they were. Once pursuers had fled the planet, they built a town there with simple wooden infrastructure. It had bars, Saloons, houses, and even the batwing doors all around gave the town an aesthetic look. The planet soon started to be known as the “Wild planet of the West”.

Thrilled to see all of its hard work bear fruits, Sol rejoiced and celebrated. But it took time for him to realize his mistake.
Slowly, he saw his creation become his demise. As it turned out, they were perfect in only the legends.

The beings did protect Sol that day, and eventually, the blockchain technology did reach even the farthest parts of the universe. But not the way he had thought. “The barren brothers,” had no reason to help Sol, or to follow his dream. They began terrorizing the universe. And over 10 years, the Blockchain had been monopolized by them. And at the same time, they integrated it into every planet that they conquered. Planets rose, and fell to ruins, solely depending on the will of the brothers. The brotherhood now controlled the whole universe. This thrilling conquest was bloodthirsty, and in terms of power, the rivals were no match. Only losing about twenty thousand of the brothers, they had gained control over an uncountable population. Meanwhile, some brothers started discovering their unique attributes – and as they did, their appearances also changed. The race split into five different races; varied greatly in power and authority. The first to realize that he was different was the Great Uncle Sam. As he assumed control over the rest, they also began contemplating their personalities. Now there are 2678 Arrogant Aarons, 1893 Big Mikes, 1189 Badass Blakes, and 560 Uncle Sams working under the “Great Uncle Sam”. And their complexions changed to green, blue, purple, and golden, respectively. These personalities equal social classes, with the rarer ones standing on the top. And the rest, the Regular Joes, who didn’t change even now, only 4000 of them remain.

Even though each brother still has his grudges and problems, they all live like victorious warriors
under the command of the great Uncle Sam. 

As for Sol, it is said that no one has seen him since the day the war started.

All hail the Brotherhood!

©  The Original Sol – 2021